Today, Valetime Group’s main interest in International Trade is with those services that support the international operations of clients.

As an organisation we offer Professional Consulting, Accounting and Management skills to International Clients. On this basis our involvement with several clients with interests in the Chemical Industry lead to our management of International Trading activities. Over recent years, much of the chemical industry has seen massive change. It no longer represents a principal interest for our clients.

However, in line with our experience to support and develop International Business; we focus our interests in International Trade on providing Trade Finance services and support to developing in International markets – with particular focus on developing in or developing from China.

Developing your business with China

If your organisation is interested in expanding its market into China or is looking at China as a potential supplier then note that; whether selling, trading, investing or franchising, China offers opportunities in abundance to companies, large or small.

Valetime Group has been working in China for over 15 years with a local team of Mandarin and English speakers. They can help you.

Developing Business in China

Are you based in China?

Opportunities exist for many companies from China. However it is the UK’s position as a major international business location that will be of special interest. The UK offers links to many English speaking countries from its history, but it is also within the European Union (EU) and at the centre of many international financial and other networks.

Developing Business from China

If you are already involved in International Business then please review this web site or contact us to see how Valetime Group can help your organisation. Benefits can be achieved by operating your trading activities through an appropriate International Organisation Structure. Such a structure can help protect investments and provide solutions to improve purchase & selling transactions – enabling your business to react quickly to the demands of your clients. Our BPO services can also provide an alternative to your investment in people and infrastructure, to avoid distraction from your core business interests, and to enhance your image of operating from the UK.

Trade Finance

Trade Finance services that can help to fund the gap between the payment to the supplier and recovery of cash after delays for shipment, distribution of goods and credit sales to customer. To discover more, please review the trade and import finance section of this site.

Trade Finance

Understanding Trade Risk

For historical information about chemicals please see

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