International Trade

International Trade has been developed through our core interests in consultancy and business management – Valetime Group have helped a number of clients establish international markets for their products. Particular emphasis has been given to assist clients in emerging economies to find sources of raw materials and markets for their products within Europe, China and South America.

Today, Valetime Group’s main interest in International Trade is with those services that support the international operations of clients.

For example, Trade Finance services that can help to fund the gap between the payment to the supplier and recovery of cash after delays for shipment, distribution of goods and credit sales to customer.  To discover more, please review the trade and import finance section of this site.

Historically, our client product portfolio is focused towards chemicals and products from our clients and from companies managed within Valetime Group. Other group companies have interests in trading specialist commodities,  and various general goods sourced from Pan-European buying arrangements. Details of some of these products can be found on the chemicals and other products pages within this site.

Primary markets for International Trade services have included China & Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. However Valetime Group have a record of assistance in the sourcing and supply of chemicals and specialised commodities on an increasingly global scale.

If you are involved in International Trade then please consider how Valetime Group can help you organisation with advice on International markets and Trade Finance.

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