Off-shore Services

Our priority is to assist our clients with structuring their affairs in a manner which maximises the benefits of using an offshore jurisdiction. We work closely with local experts and international advisors with the Valetime network to  ensure that structures are correctly established and properly administered.

Offshore Company Services

As with UK formations these include:

  • Advice on structure and jurisdiction
  • Provision of registered or representative office
  • Provision of directors and secretary
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Acting a registered agent where applicable
  • Complete administration, company secretarial and registrar functions
  • Bookkeeping, accounting services and compliance functions
  • VAT registration and compliance if relevant

Trust Services

Services available to trust clients include:

  • Advice on the creation of a trust and the drafting of the trust deed
  • Provision of professional trustee(s)
  • Complete trust administration service
  • Trust accounting function
  • Executorship services
  • Advice on special purpose trusts (eg: Employee Benefit Schemes)

Foundation Services

A foundation is an incorporated, self-owning, legal entity which, although having much in common with limited companies and trusts, possesses its own unique features. Our services include:

  • Advice on the creation of a foundation and the drafting of  the foundation instrument and rules
  • Liaison with a registered agent
  • Provision of the Foundation Council
  • Foundation administration
  • Provision of Enforcer
  • Advice on required links for commercial trading


We can consider a clients own choice for the location of off-shore services from our established relationships with most well regarded jurisdictions. This can often come, for example, from a preference or experience of common law or civil law systems.

Our own UK location encourages us to focus on jurisdictions that have synergy with UK companies and related arrangements based on common law.  By way of example consider:

  • The Isle of Man is firmly established as an innovative and progressive offshore jurisdiction having evolved to meet the needs of today’s fast moving and sophisticated global markets. Isle of Man companies are subject to Isle of Man taxation at the rate of 0% with the exception of those deriving income from banking business or land and property in the Isle of Man, where the applicable rate is 10%
  • Located at the gateway to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar has been reported by the IMF as being “amongst the top jurisdictions worldwide in so far as compliance with international standards is concerned”. Owing to its unique position as part of the EU, but not as a member of the EU Customs Union, Gibraltar is able to provide many advantages to businesses wishing to trade both inside and outside of the EU. Companies incorporated in Gibraltar which are owned and controlled by non-residents and do not trade or earn income in Gibraltar, will not be liable to tax in Gibraltar.

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