Transfer Pricing

The issue of transfer pricing refers to the most important aspects of the international taxation of multinational corporations, regardless of their size. In most countries of the world special attention is paid to pricing. Of particular importance are the international aspects of related-party transactions of multinational corporations.

Transfer pricing is particularly important in cross-border transactions, given the differences in income tax rates among countries around the world.

Broadly, transfer pricing laws exist to prevent companies with International dealings shifting taxable profits offshore through the pricing of goods and services that they buy or sell from related companies overseas.

Tax authorities seek to avoid the lowering of taxpayers’ obligations following the sale of goods and the supply of services between related parties at “internal” prices which are different from market prices.

Any company that conducts business Internationally, across borders, should pay attention to transfer pricing rules. They are increasingly focused on transactions between related parties and low-tax jurisdictions.
Companies that do not pay enough attention to reviewing their position with regard to the new transfer pricing rules and the required standards of transfer pricing, can incur high financial losses in the form of additional taxes and penalties levied by the tax authorities.
“Multinational companies transfer pricing operations have never been under more scrutiny; not just from the tax authorities but from politicians and the public as well. Consequently, finding the right transfer pricing advisor, that can manage all a company’s transfer pricing demands and offer industry experience, has never been more crucial.”  – Transfer Pricing Weekly, World Transfer Pricing Review 2014

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