Other Formations

Registration of companies are not the only formations we undertake.
Business, investment and wealth activities can involve other formations – in fact any entity that has a function in the overall interests.

The formation of an UK company is a relatively simple and well established procedure. This is because the requirements are clearly stipulated within a well regulated system for approval and registration.

UK Company Formation

Most other formations are much more complex exercise than that for a company. Invariably the entities involved require specific documentation. They also need more care and consideration to ensure that they are designed to suit an overall structure of a client’s interests.

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) as an alternative corporate business vehicle that gives the benefits of limited liability but allows an internal structure as a traditional partnership.


An agent performs a service to the principal in return for fees or commissions. An agency can based on a newly formed company and offers a lower cost solution to operating from the UK.


A fund is a company with a distinct purpose – to make investments. As an UK investor in other countries it has the advantages of image and some important protections.


Where high levels of protection and anonymity are required Trusts can be a valuable component to an overall structure. However their purpose and their management needs to clearly defined and evidenced.


A foundation is an incorporated, self-owning, legal entity which, although having much in common with limited companies and trusts, possesses its own unique features.


Linking from the UK with other entities in other locations can be useful for a clients overall interests.


All available entities, not just a company, should be considered as a contributor to an overall structure. This brings partnerships, trusts, funds, agencies and various ventures into consideration.


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