A Registered Office is home

A company’s registered office is its’ official home. It is the address at which all formal communications are made. It is the legal location where the company’s records can be found. All official post and legal documentation (for example for contracts) is sent to the registered office address

A registered address is required for any UK company that has a physical presence in the UK. The registered office address does not have to be where the organisation conducts its business. Indeed a company may not have a place of business, or branch through which business is carried out, but if it regularly carries out business in or from the UK then a registered office is still required.

It is also where a director can be found

Company directors may use the registered office address instead of their home address for contact.

Letting others know where you are

Generally the registered office address will form part of the public record. A registered office address is also the one that will displayed on company letterhead, product literature and much more. For that reason this address becomes associated with the face of a company.

seeing a face of a company

London or other cities

Many consider London to be the UK and therefore a London address in required. In fact established UK companies and UK based international operations, increasingly use registered office addresses in many other cities of the UK.

There is no legal requirement for a registered office to have telephones, fax machines, email facilities, and people. However there is a legal requirement for a registered office to be able to receive mail and public callers.

However if image or the face of a company is an issue then it could have access to all regular office facilities in order to provide a credible response that demonstrates a company operating in the UK.

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