UK Companies – What more is needed?

You may be here to buy a UK company. If so you must understand that is no more than securing a name and the documents to evidence ownership.

You will need much more to operate your company.

What is required for business operations in the UK?

A UK presence requires many components covering physical assets and people, systems and financial support. The extent to which a UK operation is complete is directly related to the investment required.

A “token” presence may be all that is needed. A “full” presence requires much more investment.

However we believe that any assessment of what is required in the UK must consider what is already available from the whole international business. In a modern world of communications colleagues can work together in business operations but be seated many thousands of miles apart.

Valetime group have experience of supporting many types of business in the UK that work within an international structure for clients. Our aim is to minimise the investment required for a UK presence.

Business Management

Do you actually need a UK company for trading?

We also advise clients to consider all other options for a UK presence. Of these the use of agency arrangements can often offer a least cost and safer entry to the UK.


Do you have the resources to actually operate a UK company?

For many clients the absence of UK resources leaves them with an immediate choice between investment in operational support or an alternative. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provides that alternative or at least a foundation for the development of a new UK company.

As an alternative to your investment in people and infrastructure, to avoid distraction from your core business interests, and to enhance your image of operating from the UK, we can currently provide support based on the concept of business process outsourcing.

Business Process Outsourcing

Do you have the resources to develop your UK company?

Business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities for a business. The term development equates to change, improvement, growth, re-direction or simply being a response to a perceived opportunity or event that could affect the business. In the context of the latter the expanded international nature of our clients operations, as in the purchase of a UK company, are often the catalyst for such development.

Business Development

Briefing on UK Companies

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