Operational Support

We operate services under the title Business Management that provide operational support from the UK to internationally based client interests and companies, within our experience of a range of business types.

Our support might also involve operating some functions of the business from the UK – but clients retain control of the direction and management of their business.

Our services do not replace or provide management and direction from clients. We are involved solely in supporting our clients in activities which might include for example the provision of directors and nominee shareholders, together with related consultancy and advisory services.  In turn that might involve operating some functions of the business from the UK.

Our involvement is often determined by the location and operations of the core business and the home country involved. The extent of support is determined by how far related companies and other activities include UK operations.

We can provide directors, nominees, office services and much else to present an UK face to a company’s image.

We provide a low cost alternative to an UK establishment from our Business Process Outsourcing activities.

We can assist in preparing and implementing business development plans and get involved in their implementation.

Business Management

Nominee Support

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Development

Trade Finance

We offer specialist business products such as trade finance, and business advice in a rapidly changing and increasingly regulated international scene.

What does Business Management cover?

Our clients that buy an UK company do no more than secure a name and purchase the documents to evidence ownership. So our first opportunity to support is with what we term “enabling features” for that company. This covers any requirements for UK based nominee directors, offices, registrations etc.

The further absence of UK resources available leaves them with an immediate choice between investment in operational support or an alternative. A first alternative is covered from our business experience and professional skills. This is strictly where our consultancy and advisory services are employed on an assignment basis.

However the alternative to investment and development for the regular day-to-day internal business functions (payroll, accounting)  customer related services (sales orders, invoicing)  and supplier services (purchasing, logistics) can come from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  In technical terms this refers to “activities of an auxiliary character” as it involves parts of a business rather than all aspects of it. We do not  provide management and direction of a clients interests in the UK. We are involved solely in supporting client interests and companies.

Building on these are our further services available to cover specialist business areas such as trade finance, web strategies and networking.

How much support?

We need to understand a client’s objectives in seeking an international presence that includes the UK. From that understanding we can determine where we can help, and a client can make choices. However our experience confirms that a clear view of the business and its operations is the best starting place to determine our involvement in an overall structure.

International Business Structures

The extent to which a UK image is required by the business can also affect our involvement.

UK face to a company

The value of UK based support

Our primary advantage is that we are located at the centre of the Worlds’ time zones, using English as the dominant language in commercial systems for international trade. That alone makes many things possible. We also share highly developed infrastructures for communications and travel. Moreover we are experienced in working with international colleagues.


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