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You should now have a better understanding of UK companies.  Owning an UK company is only the start. You need to be very clear on how you will use it.

If your original business interests are outside of the UK, or if you intend to develop  internationally, you might wish to refer to our explanation of International Business Structures.

You may have other concerns – for example about taxation or specific business issues.  In this case we suggest that you now continue along our “Pathway” by an interactive route.

Follow the next steps to develop your plans. We can assist you to do this through a few simple questions.  You can also ask us to explain further.

Consult us in confidence

First, we need to establish a secure link for confidential discussion.  We will contact you when this preliminary stage is completed. We can then move forward to consider your details.

Second, we understand that your plans are private. As professionals we are used to working within rules about confidentiality. However we need to receive some details to be able to provide some helpful comments to you.

So we offer a “privacy option” through the next stages, where you will be given some multi-choice answers OR alternatively you can “explain more” in a field provided for more specific information on your plans.

All now clear?

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Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Briefing on UK Companies

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