An English Face to Business

Using another location for business

There can be many reasons for buying and operating a company that is resident in another country – specifically a country other than the one where you are resident. However using another location for business is usually for good commercial reasons and these can include:

  • to avoid disclosure to competitors of the ultimate owner or sources of the business
  • marketing, branding and customer perception issues
  • to use a preferred location for banking and transaction management.


Essentially, the reasons noted above, relate to a location change made for image purposes. That involves taking on the identity of another country or culture to show operations are for example “European” or from a country with an improved reputation for design, quality or performance. Related to this is the idea that image is enhanced by association with third parties resident in the country, for example banks, advisors, and key service providers such as insurance, shipping lines and others.

When image is an issue we talk of the “face” of the company.

Why do I need an English “face”?

Image is a perception – in the mind of the viewer. Perceptions can vary. A company registered in England can be perceived as English, British, European, western, imperial, historical, fashionable, and much more. However it is the values attributed to those perceptions that provide the “face.”

Products purchased through England or sourced from English companies can be associated with fashion styles or quality image. Companies registered in England could gain advantage through adopting the probity, accountability and respectability offered by operations from the UK as a long established and visibly regulated jurisdiction in Europe. For others international trading partners could be more confident in trading with a country considered safer with lower risk of political change or economic disruption.

Seeing an English face

Many would not expect a Chinese company to have directors with the name of “Smith”. Similarly an English company with a bank in Latvia might be considered unusual. Very few truly English companies operate from a post box address in London shared by hundreds more. All are possible and legal, but the image created may be unusual to many.

These apparent contradictions can be easily revealed on enquiry or simply highlighted by operational contacts. Having a structure to support an English face is often overlooked. More significantly the reasons for buying a company can be undermined by lack of attention to the face.

Supporting an English face

Buying an English company is a first step. For some that is a very small start to operating from offices, and commercial premises in England with an English staff and all communications and logistics in English. Such an English face requires substantial investment.

At the other extreme is very limited support – often little more than the basic company formation. That level of support is unlikely to provide an adequate face. Often this is due to a basic misunderstanding of what an UK company is – or what is needed to support a company:

Briefing on UK Companies

Over many years, Valetime Group has offered clients several alternatives to provide an English face.  For example we provide operational management and support from UK based companies to client’s internationally based facilities and associated foreign enterprises. Back-office support outside of the UK works in conjunction with transaction support from UK banking.

Business Process Outsourcing

We operate services under the title Business Management that support internationally based client interests and companies. Our services do not replace or provide management and direction from clients. We provide a low cost alternative to a UK establishment. As we are based in the UK we can provide the UK face to an international business structure.

Business Management

Our involvement is often determined by the location and operations of the core business and the home country involved. The extent of support is determined by how far related companies and other activities include UK operations.

International Business Structures

Advantage of UK based support

You can benefit from our primary advantage – that we are located at the centre of the Worlds’ time zones, using English as the dominant language in commercial systems for international trade. That alone makes many things possible. We also share highly developed infrastructures for communications and travel. Moreover we are experienced in working with international colleagues.

Briefing on UK Companies

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