Understanding Companies Checklist

If you are considering forming a UK company, we recommend that you consider the following checklist to help your understanding:

Do you know enough about a UK company? Explains the basic requirements of an UK company – types, names, shares, people and formation requirements.

An alternative explanation to UK companies Provides an understanding of company law by reference to a “human side” of a company.

An English face to business Based upon using another location for business, considers image and the idea of an English “face”

What more will you need to support your UK company? Highlights the key requirements for operating a company including:

What do you want to do with your UK company? Explains dormant companies and what they can be used for; and considers companies that are active in business and in investments

Nominee support Explains the role of using other names, as alternatives to those of the owners, as share holders and directors

Business Process Outsourcing Explains those services that can be provided as an alternative to major investment in operational support.

Registration of companies are not the only formations we undertake. You may wish to consider:

Formations should not be considered in isolation, so we recommend that you view the following.

Corporate structures Explains how defining a corporate structure provides an overall plan for international operations using a newly acquired UK company.

Suspicion & its affect on your business Why Anti-Money laundering measures need to be considered.

Briefing on UK Companies

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