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Clients approach us to form a UK company to meet their wish to operate their business or investment interests through the UK .  We offer Company Formation Packages to meet that requirement – together with a range of services that can support our clients operating internationally.

Buying an UK company is no more than securing a name and the documents to evidence ownership. Companies need owners, directors and an office address to be identified. A company is seldom workable without some form of support. Thus buying a UK company is only the start of operating from the UK.


Our packages cover options from a basic level formation through to incorporations that include professional support. All types are summarised below.

Valetime Group offer detailed options for International Clients.

Companies for International Clients.

Additional formations for existing owners of UK companies are also available.

Companies for UK clients.


As the title suggests, this service package is limited to you securing a name and provides documents for you to prove ownership of a UK company with that name.

You use your own people as directors and/or as company secretary.

You will provide a registered office address to meet registration requirements.

To retain ownership of the company you must make your own arrangements for registration and compliance.


Adds the facility of using an UK address supplied by us for both the company Registered Office and Administrative office.

UK Companies must have a Registered office address in the UK. This is not always available to international clients. The BASIC+ package provides a London address to be used for your Registered Office address.

The company officers – Directors and/or Secretary – are required to have a personal contact address in the UK available to be viewed on the public record.

For clarity …

For the avoidance of doubt let us make it clear than our formation packages shown here are based on an one-off charge for formation – that involves the setting up of companies only.

Where included in a package, the costs of use of addresses and nominees are for the first year only. Thereafter these features are subject to an annual charge.

Compliance costs – involving the filing charges to UK Companies House for annual returns and accounts – are due in advance after 6 months from the date  of incorporation.

Preparation of accounts for a company, whether dormant or active, are not included.

For the Mentor package the overview included is considered as a one-off engagement for an assignment to interpret the information supplied to us within the context of the advice broadly illustrated elsewhere on this site.

So we also provide an Administrative address (known as a “SAIL” address) for the contact addresses of company officers. Otherwise the requirement for an UK personal contact address can prove difficult for international clients.

You retain responsibility for arrangements for registration and compliance.


This package adds confidentiality to our BASIC service as nominees can be used. Your own names are thus shielded from public view.

A nominee director is provided to shield you from problems from filing annual returns and accounts. In a role as  Compliance Director he would liaise with other professionals that you contract for accounting, taxation and related matters.

Although some direction is available you retain responsibility for arrangements for registration and compliance.


This is our first package designed to protect you with a UK face to your business. However it is only a contribution to starting an UK image.

We can provide a UK national as nominee director and/or secretary.

More importantly such a nominees is experienced in operating within UK requirements for companies. Your interests are thus protected by a Professional Director that can respond to any enquiries.

Although some direction is available you retain responsibility for arrangements for registration and compliance.


This package builds on the UK face by providing the foundation for regular access to a professional advisor as your mentor. It is an introduction to the idea of having UK support to your interests from our UK face and from our advice when you need it. The overall objective by providing a Mentor Director is simply to leave you to run your business. However we appreciate that your new UK company may need to be integrated with your other business, investment and family interests.

So this package includes our overview of your interests. This would provide a brief first assessment based upon the information you provide. Our recommendations on the matters for serious consideration would be made within an outline suggestion for a structure.

We see this package as the start of working with you. However there would be no commitment for other services from us. We are obliged by our professional rules to clearly define the scope and costs of any engaged work. However we are confident that our experience can add value to your business.

Although some direction is available you retain responsibility for arrangements for registration and compliance.


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