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Our experience of enquiries suggests that clients often look to buy a UK company without fully considering what might be involved in a company or what other entities might be used.  For that reason we recommend:

  • review of our Briefing on UK Companies or check out any of the topics featured in the menu to the side,
  • consideration of the total needs of business, investment and family wealth issues within an overall corporate structure.
Before you to move on to our application forms there are THREE facts we want to share with you about the COSTS of owning an UK company:

1. Buying a UK company = buying documents that show you have a company name and ownership of a dormant (inactive) company – nothing more.

2. Keeping a company dormant involves annual costs ; and additional costs are due when it becomes active. These costs relate to compliance with reporting regulations. Failure to comply will ultimately lead to your company being struck off the UK register.

3. Prices for formations – we do not sell your information to banks and others to be able to offer a reduced price. We are professionally regulated to maintain confidentiality.

Lastly as buying an UK company is a serious matter we expect you to have considered and understood the requirements of compliance and regulation for a UK company and those controls that concern money laundering and the regulation of banking.

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