Briefing on UK Companies

A company formed in many other countries will have similar requirements to those formed in the UK. However it is the status of the UK, as a high probity jurisdiction and reputable country of registration, that is a major factor of choice.

So you want the benefits of a UK Company?

There are many benefits to owning a UK Company. But, these benefits are often lost because the UK Company is not set up correctly; is poorly managed or does not fit the existing business. This often results from not understanding what a UK company is and what it can do.

So if you think that a UK Company can help your business then take some time to consider the following explanations.   They will guide you to understand UK companies and how they can be used.

Make sure that you understand UK Companies

The United Kingdom was the first country to draft modern laws for company formation and operation. Consequently UK Company law provides an influential model and international standard setter.

We briefly explain the different types of company, consider company names, shares, Articles and Memorandum, and incorporation. We move on to consider a company in terms of the people involved and the image or “face” that might be required. Consideration of the role of people as nominees and directors completes this section.

A company’s registered office is its’ official home. It is also where others will find you.

Companies must conform to laws of the country in which they operate.

They need to register certain facts to record they exist, and they need to comply with accounting requirements to report how they exist or operate.

Safety against financial and political instability is now a main issue in choosing a banking location.

A key but simple questions we would ask any client is – What will you do with your UK company?

UK companies are purchased by residents of other countries for many reasons. We think it important to be clear about the purpose intended for a new company.

Will it be dormant or active ? Are you seeking to protect assets ? Will it be used for business operations or for investment ? Do you actually need a company ?

Do you have the resources to provide full operational support? Would you be able to develop the business?

How it can operate with others

Lastly we ask you to note that buying a UK company is usually only part of a plan for a business. Your new UK company may join with others operating in different countries and jurisdictions across time zones with language changes, taxation and legal issues.

Another important dimension for some is that international business operations may need to be linked to family wealth and investment activities. Having no primary residence and having interests in several countries, requires an international solution to arrangements.

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Briefing on UK Companies

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