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“There are many sites on the Internet offering services relating to business incorporation. Having contacted plenty of them including the well known ones Valetime Group has responded to my queries quickly and was not trying to up-sell services that I would not need. At the same time they are knowledgeable and provide honest advice. You want to work with these guys if you don’t want to find your business has been set-up on shaky grounds.” R.(UK & Czech Republic)


A company formation refers to the process of incorporation of a business. It is sometimes referred to as company registration.

A company is considered to be an entity that is separate from the people who own or operate the company.

We are here to ensure that you understand what companies can do and what they require to be effective. So we recommend that you first read our Briefing on UK Companies.

Then decide what operational and nominee support is required.

In order to purchase an UK company, you can first check out company names and then work with us to apply for incorporation.

Business, investment and wealth activities can involve other formations – in fact any entity that has a function in the overall interests.

Company Formations

Many clients first approach us to establish an UK company. However we do not adopt a “no questions asked” approach to such enquiries.

Buying a company is no more than securing a name and the documents to evidence ownership. We believe it important to explain what is required to operate an UK company. We also recommend that it should exist within an appropriate overall structure for a client’s interests.

To support these views we provide an option for enquiries to be made after consideration of our Briefing on UK Companies.

In order to purchase an UK company, you can first check out company names and then work with us to apply for incorporation. Then decide what operational and nominee support is required.

The formation of an UK company is a relatively simple and well established procedure. This is because the requirements are clearly stipulated within a well regulated system for approval and registration. The key documentation – being Memorandum and Articles of Association – are prescribed by law and widely available. In essence only a names, addresses and initial financial details need to be added.

Other formations

Most other formations are a much more complex exercise than that for a company. Invariably the entities involved require specific documentation.

They also need more care and consideration to ensure that they are designed to suit an overall structure of a client’s interests.

Registration of companies are not the only formations we undertake. Consider » Agencies, Funds, Off-shore, Partnerships, Trusts and Foundations.Other Formations

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an alternative corporate business vehicle to companies. It can provide the benefits of limited liability but allow its members the flexibility of organising their internal structure as a traditional partnership. A deed of partnership (or ‘partnership agreement’) is often useful at formation.

Where high levels of protection and anonymity are required Trusts can be a valuable component to an overall structure. However their purpose and their management needs to clearly defined and evidenced.

A foundation is an incorporated, self-owning, legal entity which, although having much in common with limited companies and trusts, possesses its own unique features.

The role of those parties involved in agencies and other forms of venture also need to be recorded to give clarity to operations.  Where such arrangements are made between international parties they become additionally important to evidence purpose and intention – for example to confirm status within taxation treaties.

A fund is a type of company but incorporation requires approval from UK regulators before formation can be completed.

Valetime Group can provide help in these areas, but unlike Company Formations, the process is not automated or as stipulated. Formations of Trusts and Foundations, for example, may require substantial discussion and consideration with a client.

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