Family Advocate Services

Our family services are available exclusively to our clients as an additional feature of our support package to their business and other interests.  Family services are not provided in isolation.

The importance of family

We appreciate that the main purpose of a client’s efforts in business is to secure a future for family and dependents.  Our attention may be to provide advice and support for business matters but we do not forget the importance of family.

UK Schooling

We can provide help and advice to clients on sending family members for an education in the UK at school or University level.

For example for over 16 years Valetime Group has been supporting client requirements for UK education for children from outside the EU. Our experience includes UK boarding, public and private education at junior, secondary (<18) and University level. We have acted as guardians.

Valetime Group supported pupils have gone on to graduate from some of the UKs top schools and University courses at degree and Masters level. Some have even worked with us.

Coming to the UK

The UK is a desirable location for visits, residency and settlement within a highly regulated and secure immigration regime.

We can assist clients with visa applications for entry to the UK and related approvals for work and study. We are also experienced in immigration issues that can lead to naturalisation and settlement – particularly for investors in the UK.

Staying in the UK

We are not travel agents but we can advise and assist clients plan visits to the UK.

We can advise on opportunities for longer term stays where more permanent supporting features are required – for example for access to cash from personal banking arrangements.

We have experience of assisting clients in visits for special purposes – from government meetings to visits for medical purposes. Our clients can benefit from our local assistance.

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