Consultancy & Advisory

We seek to lead clients to UK based arrangements that best suit their business trading, investment activities or family wealth needs in an international context of operating from the UK.

We provide help through advice and, when required, by getting involved in our client’s business.

Business Management

Professional & Regulated

Our advice is based on individual skills in consulting, management, accounting, legal matters, and marketing that are regulated by UK and US professional bodies. It also draws on a range of experience.

We are regulated by professional bodies that stipulate the following key beliefs & principals:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Professional Competence
  • Due care
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional Behaviour
  • Ethical considerations
The process of consulting with clients and the giving of advice is regulated in the UK through our inclusion in the National Consultants Register and through Valetime Group being a Recognised Practice of The Institute of Consulting within The Chartered Management Institute.

Recognised Practice of The Institute of Consulting

Recognising that we are providing advice on an international basis, Valetime Group Limited is a Trust and Company services provider registered with the UK tax authorities (HMRC) under Money Laundering Regulations  also confirming compliance with the tests prescribed in the EU Payments and Transfers Regulations. Valetime Group Limited is a recognised economic operator (business) with European Union customs authorities. For approved quality management systems in Business Support for International Trade & Agency Operations, Valetime Group is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard.

Accountancy Services

We can provide those professional accounting services which might be expected from chartered accountants, management accountants and CPA’s.

Valetime Group is a Member Firm of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales – considered as a world leader of the accountancy and finance profession.

To avoid professional conflict we do not act as auditors. This is not a shortfall for many clients as their young UK companies may be exempt from an audit requirement. However our associates can act in this capacity.

Accountancy Services


We supply all services that can keep a clients company in good standing with regulatory authorities.

Registration and Compliance

Structures, entities and jurisdictions

We regularly give advice on corporate structures – literally what a client’s current or future interests look like when charted. This draws on experience of entities other than just companies.

Corporate Structures

We offer clients a choice of several packages for UK company formations through several packages.


We can work with clients for other entities – agencies, funds, partnerships.

Other formations

We can advise on the creation of a trust and the drafting of the trust deed.


We can introduce the usefulness of a foundation which, although having much in common with companies and trusts, possesses its own unique features.


We can explain and introduce alternatives to the UK.

Off-shore advice

Corporate and personal cash

We introduce banking options and offer transaction management.


We can help with personal and corporate taxation.



All of Consultancy & Advisory skills are available through our involvement in active support services to clients.

Business Process Outsourcing

Such skills are also available from our direct involvement in UK companies as professional advisors and mentors.


Our skills allow us develop special services to a client’s business.

Trade Finance


We also recognise that our professional skills and experience also allow us, for the benefit of client thinking, to comment on current issues.

Money Laundering

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