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Corporate Services literally refers to the ways we assist clients that operate through companies. However we provide a broader range of advice as the majority of our clients operate internationally.

They come to us to add the UK to the locations already in use. Essentially they seek UK based arrangements that best suit their business trading, investment activities or family wealth needs.  Our support can include involvement in these arrangements to provide a visible UK dimension to operations — and a client’s need for privacy.

For over 25 years our experience has been with clients in countries with emerging economies and in a wide range of business activities. That experience, and a range of regulated professional skills in business consulting, accounting, management and related subjects provides for our Consultancy & Advisory services to international clients.

Many clients first approach us to establish an UK company. They can often have an interest in other entities and in related requirements. Through our Formations services we can provide company, trust & agency formations, international banking & transaction management; and advice on off-shore issues.

We recommend consideration of our briefing on UK companies. This has two simple aims. The first is to explain what is required to operate an UK company. The second is to suggest that it should exist within an appropriate overall structure for a client’s interests.

Our focus on international structures for business is simply to lead clients to arrangements that best suit their business trading, investment activities or family wealth needs in an international context of operating from the UK.

  • Corporate services are not just about companies. They cover all that you might need to operate from the UK – for business, investments and family matters.
  • Our advice comes from professional skills and international experience. Consultancy & Advisory
  • Could the UK be a useful location for you? We can help with formation of a new company or other entity. Formations
  • If you want to know about, understand UK companies and would like discuss your plans, then consider our Briefing on UK Companies.
  • To describe a business, and how it best operates with other interests, requires an overall view to be taken. International Business Structures

However we do not adopt a “no questions asked” approach to enquiries. Our clients operate in an increasingly regulated international scene.  We also have a duty to protect our clients from a simplistic view of what is needed to operate from the UK.

Our Consulting and Advisory services include:
Of special interest:

The origins of Valetime Group are in business & management consultancy. Initially from the 1990s, the focus for advice was the development of business in emerging economies – Eastern Europe and Asia – with emphasis on financial & management accounting. More recently, the emphasis has been on operations in a rapidly changing and increasingly regulated international scene.

A traditional consultancy core has been extended to include agency services for the management of client operations and projects. Advice is from professionally qualified and regulated sources within Valetime Group and networked associates across many countries.

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