Helping International Trade

New to International Trade ?

Many businesses are looking to export markets as a way to drive growth. While there are excellent opportunities for exporters, conducting business in a global marketplace can be complex and involve extra risks.

Do you have an Established International Business ?

Many businesses are already involved in International Trade and have a long standing track record of working with Internationally based customers and suppliers. Such businesses may be looking for opportunities to improve their already established International Business.

Think “Structure” before “Finance”

For a new business or for development of an existing one, first thoughts are often directed to the need for Trade Finance. However we suggest that consideration should first be given to how the business will operate across different countries and jurisdictions within differing taxation and legal issues, in an increasingly highly regulated business scene, with many other sensitive factors to be considered – for example the need to be linked to family wealth and investment activities. In short it is important to determine how operations are “structured”.

For both new and established international business Valetime Group offer a number of services that can be uniquely tailored to benefit your existing business operations.

Valetime Group’s Trade Finance solutions can help to manage trade risk and importantly the risk of getting paid. However plans to expand international trade and limit the risks associated with it, also require careful consideration of an appropriate international corporate structure.

Trade Finance

International Corporate Structures

Corporate Services & Business Management

When you need tailored advice Valetime Group’s Corporate Services, combined with the operational support brought through our Business Management services can provide International Businesses with a number of distinct opportunities and advantages.

For example through Valetime Group Corporate Services, we seek to lead clients to UK based arrangements that best suit their business trading needs in an international context of operating from the United Kingdom (UK). In short there are advantages in adding a “UK face” to your operations.

Introducing business management and operational support from the UK can improve the relationship between your suppliers and customers as they gain confidence by dealing with regulated operational support from the UK. Clients often achieve improved payment terms and negotiation power.

Having a UK (European Union) presence in your organisation structure can also give access to new suppliers and customers – this is most effective when your business is operating in developing and emerging economies. However, this benefit is not limited to those emerging economies. We have also seen improved supplier relationships and new customer growth from our European based Business Management clients.

Supported companies inevitably employ a Western style to their operations. They gain advantage through adopting the propriety, accountability and respectability offered by operations from the UK as a long established and visibly regulated jurisdiction in Europe.

An English Face for Business

Offshore Business Structures

Including some specific locations in an effective International Organisation structure can help your existing business in both its local and International Markets.

Benefits include:

  • Enhance Confidentiality
  • Wealth Protection
  • Tax Incentives
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Access to International Markets & Finance

Valetime Group is an authorised Trust & Company Services Provider specialising in the setup and management of efficient corporate structures for businesses & family use.

Our priority is to assist our clients with structuring their affairs in a manner which maximises the benefits of using an offshore jurisdiction. We work closely with local experts and International advisors with the Valetime network to  ensure that structures are correctly established and properly administered.

 Off-shore advice

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