Supplier-Related Services

A supplier ( also known as a seller or vendor ) is the provider of goods or services to our client as a seller of goods or user of services.

Supplier-related services support the core of the business. However that does not prevent them from being outsourced.  Indeed for international clients that seek to operate from the UK, this can provide a relatively easy option to show a UK face.

Our services do not operate in isolation from clients. Essentially we provide a UK dimension to a client’s team operating from another location. In that sense many of our support services become part of a joint operation. For example purchase orders will be based on pricing details supplied to us by a client, and used to produce a supplier’s invoice for subsequent payment from the UK.

This arrangement almost considers the client’s team to be the off-shore “back office” for our services.

Supplier-Related Services include:

  • Supplier identification
  • Purchase order progressing
  • Purchasing terms
  • Payments
  • Collection
  • Imports
  • Quality certification
  • Dispute settlement
  • Marketing support
  • Product development support

Suppliers and your business

Ultimately, the vendors and suppliers that you use will affect the quality of your products. Clients need to ensure that their processes meet the appropriate standards and, in an increasing number of cases, any international regulations for a particular trade. A supplier’s performance on delivery will affect a client’s performance. The supplier’s payment terms can influence the development of a client’s business. Suppliers have a potential benefit in a client’s business  development and direct support to a client’s marketing efforts could be secured.

Supplier identification

Clients may already have established suppliers. However our team based in China and Eastern Europe, together with our associates in many other countries, can provide introductions to potential additional or alternative suppliers. Their local knowledge and language is available to clients.

Purchase order progressing

We would normally expect purchase orders and product specifications to suppliers to be negotiated directly by our client. However these orders may be placed in the name of a purchasing agent managed by us and we would expect to be involved in related arrangements with suppliers. This would extend to a role to progress orders and co-ordinate with others for collections and exports.

Purchasing terms

Many clients operate from countries where advance payments might typically be expected by suppliers. If significant these advances might need to be protected. Regular business might provide the basis for a supplier to offer more flexible terms. A range of negotiable discounts might be available from our participation and the involvement of respected banks.


Suppliers can take comfort from the regulation applied to our operation of transaction management for clients through our access to international banking systems. The reliability of payments is important for the release of goods to satisfy logistical arrangements.


In addition to co-ordination with shippers we can assist with pre-shipment quality checks on goods and packaging. The taking over of goods and their subsequent acceptance can be a critical stage.


Operating as a purchasing agent provides for our involvement in the arrangements for export from suppliers and import to the clients home country. Our participation as a UK / EU based and registered intermediary can simplify arrangements for import clearances

Quality certification

It can be hard to verify that your vendors can provide the required quality, especially when they are situated in a different country. We can arrange audits and inspections to complete vendor appraisals and control schemes to ensure that products or services meet all necessary quality standards and requirements.

Dispute settlement

The lasting image of a supplier starts when something goes wrong. How disputes are dealt with can become a positive factor for further business. On behalf of clients we can operate from a country with well developed arbitration and legal options to consider.

Marketing support

Any supplier should be made to appreciate the potential benefit provided by successful development of a client’s business. Thus marketing support from suppliers should be secured by way, for example, of product literature, samples and direct contributions to marketing initiatives.

Product Development Support

A supplier’s knowledge of his product and its capabilities can be a useful source of technical assistance to a client and, in turn, to the special requirements of his customer.  This can lead, for example, to the discovery of new applications for an established product.

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