Legal Process Services

Legal Process Services , also known as Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), involves obtaining legal support services from individual legal professionals, a law firm or legal support services company (a LPO provider).

However we are active only in a narrow range of legal process services.

These principally support our involvement in establishing UK companies and other formations such as trusts, foundations, agencies and partnerships.

The most commonly offered special services have featured work on contracts, document review, legal research, drafting and preparation of briefs, agreements and declarations, and notarial services. We can prepare UK documents, for legalisation and addition of apostilles, for submission in other jurisdictions.

Legal Process Services include:

  • Contract solutions
  • Document review
  • Legal research
  • Transaction support
  • Drafting of key agreements
  • Agencies and joint ventures
  • Notarial
  • Legalisation & apostilles

Our legal process activities exclude those where a personal presence or contact is required – for example an appearance in court and face-to-face negotiations.

We have a global range of clients and associated business interests. Accordingly there are special considerations beyond the variety of language and business culture. For example we may need to reconcile the common law in USA, UK and countries of the former British Commonwealth with the conventions of civil law in Europe, Russia, Central & South America and Asia.

Providing support to ensure that all documentation visibly complies with UK law and presentation conventions can enhance the image of our international clients  operating from the UK.

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