Knowledge Process Services

Knowledge Process Services are featured in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and involve relatively high-level tasks compared to those normally provided by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Knowledge processes are fundamentally different from business processes, with clear differences in process complexity, skill sets and scalability.

They involve more complex tasks and may require personnel with an advanced degree or professional qualifications. Examples include market and legal research, Web design and content creation, and translation services.

Thus Knowledge Process Services essentially involve high-end business processes that can overlap with ITES.

In most companies such specialist skills are likely to be contracted out.  However, compared to business process outsourcing, they employ skills that typically extend or supplement higher levels of management within the business.

Knowledge Process Services include:

  • Web presence & development
  • Internet analysis & management
  • Market Research
  • Technical Research
  • Business Research and Development
  • Management within International treaties & conventions
  • Translation & Business language skills
  • Publishing
  • Intellectual Property and Patent related services

KPO is characterised by niche offerings, highly skilled staff and a relatively small scale. It cuts into the traditional “core competencies” of many organisations. It enables clients to unlock their top-line growth by outsourcing their core work to others that have a highly skilled talent pool such as seen in consultancies.

Typically KPO, like BPO, involves using services located in other countries. However in the context of providing support to our clients we seek to use KPO to enhance an image of our client operating from the UK.

Accordingly we are active only in a narrow range of supporting services that meets this objective.

Business Development skills

Example of  niche offerings to our clients can be found in our specialist support to business development. By these we can assist a client in Business Planning – to give credibility to the desire for change or growth by suggesting structure, programming and a timescale for achievement.

As most clients approach us to establish a UK presence for their business, we can also assist in the development of  Image – after taking on the identity of another country or culture.

Business Language skills

We focus on China as a special development opportunity and Valetime Group’s local team of Mandarin and English speakers can help you:

  • Develop Business in China – as ability in Mandarin Chinese is also the key to understanding the opportunities in China,
  • Develop Business from China – using their understanding of the business methods of two countries and the value of the UK’s position as a major international business location within the EU.

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