Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves contracting the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions or processes to a third-party service provider.

In short BPO is about hiring another company to handle business activities for you – see box insert on the right.

Our clients that buy a UK company do no more than secure a name and purchase the documents to evidence ownership. The company formation involved might wholly involve nominees. So they could already be hiring others to act for their new company.

The further absence of UK resources leaves them with an immediate choice between investment in operational support or an alternative. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provides that alternative or at least a foundation for the development of a new UK company.

Why use these services?

A client’s main attention will always be to their core business. As their knowledge of that business has been successfully applied in their own country, they already have reason to be successful in operating from the UK.

However those functions that are considered “non-core” to the primary business strategy may represent a more difficult challenge to operate in another country. BPO not only offers a solution from relevant expertise but also from an UK base.

Much is made of the lower cost solution that is provided by BPO. However for our clients we suggest that avoiding time and cost from the distraction to management of non-core functions is the real advantage.

As an alternative to your investment in people and infrastructure, to avoid distraction from your core business interests, and to enhance your image of operating from the UK, we can currently provide:

This is addition to the support available from nominees and advice from our consultancy and advisory services.

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) activities are already in use by our clients. They are therefore readily available to a new client so that his UK business operation can be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Support to an UK face

Many clients seek to use the UK as a location for their interests as a jurisdiction with a reputation for probity and as an established international business location. However many are also alert to the commercial advantages from using an UK face.

Such an UK face is the image of the “core” business – usually the selling of products not necessarily produced in the UK. Sales could be both to other EU countries and countries outside of the EU. Indeed the featured products do not even need to come from the UK. More significantly those sales could be managed and directed from outside of the UK – for example from the traditional location of a client’s interests.

The “non-core” or supporting functions of the UK company could be provided through the BPO concept. Thus the client’s operations in the UK would use a client’s traditional location as the “back-office” support. This is a reversal of the regular situation where non-core support often involves off-shore service providers (for example call centres) for such back office functions.

Organising BPO

Generally we can organise all required elements of an UK business operation for a client from our own group companies and associates. In that case why is an UK company needed? The answer lies in the overall business structure and the client’s plans for operations from the UK into the future.

If not immediately required, an UK company can remain dormant for future development. See what do want to do with your UK company?  The name remains in the ownership of an international client for future use. In that case an agency arrangement can be put in place to provide Business Process Outsourcing services for the “UK face” of the back office core operations in the home location of an international client. The agency would be between Valetime Group and the international client.

If an active UK company is required from the outset, or if subsequently the new UK ceases to be dormant, then the BPO services would be contracted for supply directly to the client’s UK company.

In either case Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations could still feature the name and image of the UK company.  Although dormant, the company can licence its use as a trading name by others. In this way the brand image can be developed until such time as the dormant company, as owner of the name, becomes active.

Support only

We provide support from the UK to internationally based client interests and companies, within our experience of a range of business types. BPO provides the concept for activities of an auxiliary character only. Our services do not replace or provide management and direction from clients. We are involved solely in supporting our clients that seek to use the UK.


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