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Business in the UK and EU for Chinese companies

The UK is a well established market for a variety of products and services. Opportunities exist for many companies from China. However it is the UK’s position as a major international business location that will be of special interest. The UK offers links to many English speaking countries from its history, but it is also within the European Union (EU) and at the centre of many international financial and other networks.

Developing business through the UK

The UK is also a highly regulated location for laws and systems for business. Anyone looking to develop business in the UK or EU will need help from experts in the formation of companies and other types of entity used in an overall scheme for international business.  Special expertise in accountancy, finance, taxation and company law will also be required. A wide knowledge of business management in the UK and EU could assist.

Our support can extend to provide operational management and support from UK based companies – as a low cost alternative to investment in a UK establishment


Thinking about business with the UK or to the EU?

  • We can help you towards a huge advantage – by speaking the language.
  • In addition to being the language of the UK and many other countries, English is the top language worldwide for business – though Mandarin is the next most used.
  • Valetime Group is based in the UK but has been working in China for over 15 years with a local team of Mandarin and English speakers. They have experience of developing business within their knowledge of both Chinese and English business cultures.   They can help you.
  • Valetime Group offers professional Consulting, Accounting and Management skills to international clients.  Our local team in China can introduce these to you.

Mandarin is the top language worldwide for business other than English (according to Bloomberg Rankings.) However it is unlikely to supplant English soon as the primary language of business.

Many Mandarin speakers with experience of developing China’s international business also have experience of English. Some have knowledge of banking, finance, shipping, trade and communications systems based on English. However it is the knowledge of the business culture and markets where help may be needed. Chinese business can best move into the UK and EU with language skills enhanced by local business cultures.

For development into the UK and EU it is both language and cultural experience that gives you flexibility, knowledge that you need, and personal connections that can make a difference in the speed and effectiveness of your negotiations.

Local support

Valetime Group has been working in China for over 15 years with a local team of Mandarin and English speakers. They have experience of developing business within their knowledge of both business cultures. This experience is from working with US, British and EU companies in arrangements from joint ventures through to basic trading activities.

Knowledge of the China market and both state and private enterprises is linked to experience of working with, and in many cases from, the UK.  Together with their UK based colleagues they can provide valuable assistance and introductions to your company. More importantly they understand the business methods of both countries and Valetime Group requirements for the probity of arrangements.

However their language ability in Mandarin is the key to explaining to you the opportunities in the UK, local thinking in both the UK and EU about co-operation with Chinese companies and the steps that can be taken for the development of trade links.

Valetime Group’s local team in China can:

  • Assist you in preparing a plan for developing links with the UK and EU
  • Undertake research in opportunities for your product or service
  • Locate and introduce potential local partners
  • Highlight the key issues that will need to addressed

and the China team work with UK based colleagues:

  • located at the centre of the Worlds’ time zones,
  • using English as the dominant language in commercial systems for international trade.
  • sharing highly developed infrastructures for communications and travel.
  • experienced in working with international colleagues.
We can offer you a low cost alternative to your investment in a huge and complex market.

Company Services

Our team in China has access to many UK based skills that can be useful to any company from China looking to the UK for new business.

Valetime Group in the UK provides corporate services and business advice to an international client base.  We seek to lead clients to UK based arrangements that best suit their business trading, investment activities or family wealth needs in an international context of operating from the UK.

Our support can extend to provide operational management and support from UK based companies to client’s international facilities and associated foreign enterprises.

So we can advise on the formation of UK companies, arrangements with UK partners, and the financial and tax implications to international business.

Tell us if we can help

Do you want a English face to your business?

  • Valetime Group provide support to international clients that want to operate their business, investment or family interests through the UK.
  • We provide Corporate Services – being advice to companies based on professional skills in consulting, management, accounting and legal matters.
  • We provide Business Management – being operational support to the UK face of internationally based client interests and companies, together with our experience of a range of business types.

Just contact us with a brief introduction and we can send to our local offices to discover if there is synergy with our experience and your products or services.

Contact us to see how we can help your business develop in the UK and across Europe.

Our response will come to you from our Mandarin speaking colleagues.

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